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Flexible Grout Is What It's All About!

  • Won’t crack or break when the RV flexes
  • Permanent bond
  • Won’t discolor or stain
  • Wipes clean with no fuss!

Works great anywhere!

  • Floors
  • Backsplashes
  • Showers
  • Counters

This amazing backsplash...

transformed this kitchen!

There’s no place like home, and we believe your RV should be a home that you can love and be proud of. Flex-Tile can help you create a custom tile plan that you can install yourself, that will look incredible for years to come. Our silicone-based grout won’t crack like concrete-based grout, so you can go see the world in style, without the hassles.
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Hello, my name is Bob Ault, and I’ve been a tile contractor for 35 years. I pioneered the
tiling of flexible surfaces. I’ve published articles and given demonstrations at trade
shows, and I’m here to tell you that if you follow these simple instructions, you can do
your own tile project!

Working with silicone rubber is different than working with concrete grout. If you’ve
never done this before, don’t worry! If you’re a tile veteran, you should still pay attention
to these instructions, as there are some important points that you need to know when
working with silicone.

Let’s start by reviewing everything you’ll need to install your tile:

1. Caulking gun
2. Paper towels
3. Solvent, alcohol or acetone
4. Marking pencil
5. Liquid dish soap
6. Small bucket

You may need an inexpensive wet saw (about $80) which can be purchased at Home
Depot or Lowes.

Flex-Tile can provide the other 5 things you’ll need. You can purchase individual items,
or a complete kit that contains all the items listed below. All purchases are delivered to
your door by UPS.

1. Adhesive (R&R silicone adhesive)
2. Grout (R&R silicone grout)
3. Grout scrubbers
4. Hard rubber or epoxy grout float (traditional grout float is not recommended)
5. Tile

Now we come to the most important decision: Tile choice!

There are 2 things to be considered here; weight-bearing or non weight-bearing.
Non weight-bearing would be counter tops, ledges, walls, back splashes etc. Almost
any tile can be used here.

Weight-bearing would be floors or shower pans. Large floor tiles require the installation
of special backing materials before tiling. We do not recommend our adhesive for
installing large floor tiles, but our flexible grout can be used once the large tiles are
correctly installed. If you are using small tiles, both our adhesive and our grout are

We recommend using tiles no larger than 2×2 inches. They should be hard bisque,
unglazed and slip resistant. This will disperse the weight over several tiles, enabling
them to slightly flex without cracking.

The tiles should be adhered with R&R silicone rubber adhesive and grouted with R&R
silicone rubber grout. These products have been specially formulated for tiling flexible
surfaces. To see a demonstration of this process, please watch our How-To videos at

Tiling Tips

1. Start tiling from the outside edge of the bottom row, and work your way to the
corner (if there is a corner). Any cuts you have to make will be covered in the
corner, and at the top.

2. Pre-grouting your tile will make the installation easier on almost every tile install.
It eliminates the need for grouting in confined or awkward spaces, and allows you
to cut a linear foot of tile at a time. This eliminates the need to cut each tile
individually. Watch our video on pre-grouting at flextile.com/videos.

3. Laying out the job before you start adhering tiles to the wall will make the job
easier! Place a sheet of tile, preferably pre-grouted, on the area to be tiled. Draw
a line across the top and down the side of the tile, then move the tile over one
space and draw your lines again. Continue this process from side to side, and
bottom to top. This way you will be able to see that your installation is staying in
alignment, and you’ll know exactly where each square will go, and where your
cuts will need to be.

4. Make sure you have the proper amount of adhesive and grout for your job. The
average coverage of our silicone adhesive is 1 tube for 4 square feet of mosaic
tile. The average coverage of our silicone grout is 1 tube for 3 ½ square feet of
mosaic tile. It’s always best to have a little too much, rather than come up a bit

If you get stuck, or just need to confirm something, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our
experience is available to you, so that you don’t have to learn everything the hard way.

If you have doubts about the process, call us before you get started: (352) 746-6115.
Remember, the only stupid question is the one that doesn’t get asked!

Turn Your RV Into Your Dream Home!

Flex-Tile makes it easy. There’s no need to hire expensive contractors, and you don’t need any experience with tile work.

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From making everything easier to clean, to creating a stunning visual appeal, tile is a great way to improve your quality of life.

At Flex-Tile, we believe in service after the sale. We provide telephone support all the way through your project. You can rely on our experience and service!

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