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This kitchen looks incredible! You’ll notice that there’s even a small strip of matching tile over the driver’s seat. These little touches make a huge difference!
Even large, flat areas like floors and window ledges are safe from cracking with Flex-Tile’s silicone rubber adhesive and grout!
This beautiful, glass-tile floor completely transformed this bathroom, making it brighter, cleaner, and more like home!

It’s amazing to see how a simple backsplash can change a kitchen! By pre-grouting the tile, this backsplash only had a few cuts, and was quick and easy to install!

Nothing shows style and taste like a matching kitchen and bath!

These shower stalls are a beautiful success story! Send us a picture of your success story, and let your masterpiece be an inspiration to others!

Check out this gorgeous bathroom! With Flex-Tile on your team, you can turn your RV into your dream home!
As you can see from this stylish and unusual metal backsplash, our silicone adhesive can be used for more than just tile!